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Yoga Tip #8 – Tip for Locust Pose

Hello Yoga Friends, Some yoga teachers say the spine strengthening portion of a yoga practice is the most important part. Most doctors and chiropractors agree that a healthy spine is a healthy life. I agree! One fun yoga posture to strengthen the spine is locust pose....

Yoga Tip #7 – Tip for Dancers Pose

Hello Yoga Friends, One of my favorite yoga postures is Dancer’s Pose. I love the challenge of balancing on one foot while finding the deepest back bend my body can do. Your tip and trick of the week will help you master this difficult yet up lifting posture is...

Yoga Tip #6 – Tip for Cobra Pose

Hello Yoga Friends, I am excited to share the tip and trick of the week for …. Cobra Pose! Yoga teachers, chiropractors and doctors agree that a healthy spine is a healthy body. Yoga postures strengthen the muscles that support your spine. One of these important...

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