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Beginning Yoga Classes at Evolve Yoga Studio

Beginning Yoga

Beginning Yoga class Overview

Beginning Yoga is a class targeted to first time yoga practitioners, those coming back from injury, or to return to the fundamentals of your yoga practice. Beginning yoga classes welcome all levels from the very first timer to the long-time student. So, relinquish the fear and trepidation, jump onto your yoga mat and have some fun.

Beginning Yoga: How Will I Know What to Do?
Yoga classes for beginners are offered as a chance to develop your practice with strong guidance from your yoga instructor. That person will become your gateway into, not only the physical practice of yoga, but will help you explore and understand your body faster and with more knowledge than ever before.

Beginning Yoga: Poses, Postures, Exercises, Positions, Moves, Asanas?
So, let’s get right down to it then. First and foremost, a yoga class structured for beginning yoga students places particular emphasis on yoga postures. Backing up just a bit, in yoga, there are any number of poses, often called postures, or movements, or exercises or positions. They all reference the same thing, what your body is doing. The Sanskrit word for a posture, pose, movement, position, or exercise is called an “Asana”. However, the word Asana can also refer to a specific seated position or to the collection of movements created in some flow practices. Seems a little confusing, but relax, first of all, it’s just yoga, but more importantly, all these different words mean the same thing, and never be afraid that you’ll use the wrong one, because a good instructor will know that we refer to movement in various ways.

Yoga for beginners will open up a new and powerful tool in your wellness arsenal. It is a wonderful way for people of any age (and I do mean any!) to get in shape while cultivating balance and health. A number of yoga for beginner classes are structured to create physical balance as a result of our western world living conditions: hunched over your desk at work, or steering wheel driving around doing endless errands, or just eating a meal, or watching TV. We fall into a trap where our bodies betray their original functions and we stress muscle groups while not providing the relief necessary to re-align our musculoskeletal system. Yoga, with its series of specific static and fluid motions counter balances the stress we regularly place on ourselves just getting through life.

Beginning Yoga: Built From the Groud Up
The wonderful thing about beginner yoga positions is that they transmute as your confidence, strength, and experience increases. Yoga exercises, typically, are built from the ground up, so there is particular attention paid to your lower body, legs, feet, hips, pelvis so that you understand the foundation of a beginner yoga pose and can grow from the basic asana to the more challenging. And let’s take a little time to talk about the complexity of some yoga exercises for beginners. Like everything in life, we build on experience, the same applies to your yoga work. Start with the fundamentals and you’ll soon realize that each movement can be added to which makes the exact same posture you’re doing as a beginner similar to the experienced yogi on the mat next to you.

So, show no fear, get your mat ready and unraveled, and show up. You will begin a journey that is hard to describe, but will ultimately keep you healthy and strong as the years gracefully unfold.


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This yoga studio put me at ease!

I’m a beginner and felt at ease immediately. Instructors are so nice!! -Lisa

My aging body definitely feels so much better.

I always feel centered after attending a class here. My aging body definitely feels so much better. I always appreciate the instructors assistance in helping me through practice that is appropriate for me. – Nancy

It is my favorite place to be.

Evolve Yoga has been my new home over the last year. It is my favorite place to be. I love all of the instructors because they are authentic and incredibly gifted in all aspects of yoga. Evolve offers power, yin, vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, beginner, gentle and restorative yoga. I am so grateful for my yoga family.- Deanna

Beginning Yoga FAQ's

What to wear to beginning yoga?

When coming to beginning yoga at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida you should wear clothing that you feel comfortable in and that you can move easily in. Something you might wear to work out or lounge around in. The movements and yoga postures done in a beginning yoga class are to increase strength, mobility and range of motion in the body. If your clothes hinder your flexibility or ability to move easily on your mat they become a barrier to your success in the class. Also, if clothing is too baggy it might get in the way. After attending a few beginning yoga classes you will know what is the right attire for you for your yoga class.  

What to expect when beginning yoga?

In beginning yoga you should expect to be given an explanation of what yoga is. A little history and maybe some teaching about yoga philosophy might be shared. Postures will be experienced slowly with a focus on proper alignment. Props such as blocks, blankets, straps and even a bolster might be added for comfort or stability. Expect that most or all of the other students are also new to yoga so a feeling of comradery is often present. Beginning Yoga at Evolve Yoga is also a popular class for experienced students who wish to return to the basics. After class you might feel your body start to wake up. Slightly sore muscles might be felt the next day. Returning to class soon will help melt the discomfort away. Try beginning yoga for yourself and experience the many benefits of beginning yoga.

What to expect in a beginning yoga class?

In a beginning yoga class at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida you can expect to do a variety of yoga postures. The class usually begins with an explanation of what will be taught. Then some breathing techniques will be explored. The class will include standing postures for strength and balance. Most beginning yoga classes will have some core strengthening and back strengthening as well as deep stretching near the end to take advantage of warmed up muscles. The class ends with a relaxing savasana or resting pose in order to soak up the benefits of the yoga class.  

What to bring to a beginning yoga class?

When coming to a beginning yoga class at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida you could bring a mat, water bottle and hand towel. We do provide all of these items in the studio for you as well. Wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in. Most students prefer to bring their own yoga mat. We do clean all of our props and mats after each use so feel confident in what we provide for you if you want to keep it really simple. We hope you will try a beginning yoga class with us at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida soon.

What is beginning yoga called?

Beginning yoga is usually called beginning yoga at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida. Some refer to beginning yoga as Yoga 101. Others call beginning yoga Introduction to yoga. Regardless of what it is called it is an excellent way to get started on your yoga journey today at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida. We welcome beginning yoga students as well as yoga students with various amounts of experiences at our studio every day. We hope you will join us an become a yoga student soon.

What is beginning yoga?

 Beginning yoga is a class designed mostly for anyone who has never done yoga before, or for any returning yoga student who wants to get back to the basics. At Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida we feel that we should always have a beginners mindset and be open to learning something new in every class. Yoga is a journey of self-discovery. No matter how much you know there is always something new to learn. If you are a beginning yoga student this may be the class for you. If you have practiced some yoga in the past, or a lot of yoga for many years, you will still enjoy a beginning yoga class with us at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida.

What are beginning yoga poses?

Beginning yoga poses taught at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg are very much like postures taught in any yoga class. It’s the approach that may be different. In beginning yoga we lay the foundation for the pose. Our focus in on alignment and comfort in the pose. For this reason props such as blocks, straps, blankets and a bolster may be added to the class. Expect the instruction to be clear and complete. Yoga poses can be adapted to meet everyone’s individual needs. The use of props is helpful in this area. Beginning poses include standing postures, balancing poses, some core strengthening, back strengthening, stretching and cool down postures and the beginning yoga class ends with a lovely resting period to absorb the benefits of your yoga practice.

How many times a week yoga beginner?

A beginning yoga student can practice every day at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, order to maintain your current level of practice take class once or twice a week. To advance your practice, get stronger, more flexible and better balance practice three to five times a week. To experience profound changes in your body and your life practice yoga on a daily basis. You are the best guide for how often you should practice yoga. Yoga gets you in touch with your highest self to discover what you need for your body and your life. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body, trust yourself. You know best. We at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida want to help you live your best life.

How many calories does beginning yoga burn?

Beginning yoga can burn up to 300 calories. The amount of calories burned during a beginning yoga class at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida will vary based on a number of factors. The body type, size and fitness level of the yoga student. The amount of effort put into the class on the part of the student will also factor in. Each class is different. Some beginning classes might focus more on strength building which will burn more calories than a class about standing still in balancing posture. Yoga is a great way to get in shape and burn calories. Yoga also gets you in touch with your body so you make better food choices which help the yoga students feel better about themselves overall.

How long is a beginning yoga class?

Beginning yoga classes at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida are one hour long. In that hour a number of movements designed to build strength, flexibility and balance are explored. The first 15 minutes of class are slow breathing, gentle stretching and connecting with the body. The middle 30 minutes of the class will increase the intensity of the class with standing postures, balance and core strengthening. The final 15 minutes of the class will usually include cool down and stretching as well as a five to ten minute rest in savasana, lying on the mat to absorb the benefits of the class. Join us soon for a beginning yoga class at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida.

What are beginning yoga stretches?

Beginning yoga classes at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg will include various stretches. The warm up at the beginning of class includes gentle stretches to examine range of motion and to bring awareness to places in the body that may have previous injuries or tightness from other forms of exercise or from lack of use. Movement in the head neck in shoulders released tightness in these areas, while movement of the arms forward, back and around helps us to examine range of motion. Gentle twisting postures help to release tightness in the middle and upper back, while movement in the legs and hip joint area released tightness there as well as in the lower back. At the end of class many of the same stretches are revisit with slightly more intensity to examine the positive effects of the yoga class. Almost always there is an increase in the range of motion in the arms legs and back and a release of tension in the neck shoulders and back. Try a beginning yoga class at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida to experience the many benefits of yoga for yourself.

What is a beginning yoga sequence?

A beginning yoga sequence taught at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida includes a gentle warm up of seated stretches, followed by standing postures and slow flowing postures, cat and cow stretches flow into sun salutations which might evolve into balance poses and various standing postures like warrior 1, 2 and reverse warrior. Deep stretching and twisting postures would follow and lastly deeper stretches in a reclined or seated position would help the students find rest in savasana the final resting posture done lying on the back with eyes closed.

What is beginning yoga for seniors?

Beginning yoga for seniors is much like beginning yoga for anyone except additional props might be added. At Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida we offer the use of blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters and chairs to help accommodate yoga students of all levels of ability and at any age. Yoga is for everyone. No matter what your current level of experience or health, if you can get to the studio, we can help you practice yoga. Please join us soon for a beginning yoga class at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida.

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