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Yoga Tip #3 – How to Master the Chaturanga push-up

Hello Yoga Friends, The yoga push up is done by keeping the elbows close to the body as you lower close your yoga mat. This is done so that you can easily move into cobra or upward facing dog. I have observed students dropping their shoulders lower than their elbows...

Yoga Tip #2 – How to easily stay balanced in Tree Pose

Hello yoga friends, Hello Yoga Friends, I am happy to share your trip and trick of the week. The yoga posture is Tree pose. This pose offers the challenge of maintaining balance on one foot. One key trick and tip is to tighten an push into the lifted foot with the...

Yoga Tip #1 – How to Fly in Crow Pose

Hello yoga friends, The tip of the week is to lift your belly in toward your spine and up toward your heart at the bottom of your exhale. The Sanskrit word for this is Uddiyana Banda, which translates as upward lifting energy. It is best demonstrated in crow pose....

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