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Family Yoga Classes at Evolve Yoga Studio

Family Yoga

Family Yoga class Overview

Family yoga is a yoga class offered at Evolve Yoga for kids and their grown-ups.

This gentle flowing class is designed to help students of all ages experience the trans-formative benefits of yoga.

In this class children and their adult partner will practice independently on their own mats and also participate in some partner yoga postures. All ages are welcome to join in the fun. Children are free with a paid adult. One child per adult please.

Join us for a family fun yoga experience. You will find that the class will create benefits in your life and relationship outside of the yoga studio. Deepen your relationships, connect to your best self, find ways of resolving conflict and enjoy life more.

Evolve yoga is honored to be a part of your life journey. Come and evolve with us. Yoga brings peace of mind, harmony in the spirit and healing for the physical body. Yoga means union or to yoke together.


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This yoga studio amazing!

This yoga studio is amazing! Every instructor I’ve had has been wonderful and a special thank you to Janet for her personalized care. Thank you so much!!!! -MaryLou

Evolve Yoga & Fitness is a beautiful and clean studio

Evolve Yoga & Fitness is a beautiful and clean studio. They have a wide range of classes that are in the morning and night. Janet is a wonderful instructor. – Victoria

The teachers in this studio make you feel like family

The teachers in this studio make you feel like family. It is so inviting and I get such a great workout. I can feel the stresses and anxieties of life melting away one class at a time! – Catina

Family Yoga FAQ's

What is Family?

Traditionally yoga was done first thing in the morning to wake up the body, mind and spirit to give the students a great start to each day. Power yoga is practiced around the world at any and all times of day. Many people still prefer to practice power yoga first thing in the morning, but some prefer the middle of the day and still others like to do their practice at the end of the day. It is best to try various times of the day to determine what would work best for you. Usually yoga students take class when it fits their schedule. Most people can practice morning, noon or night with enjoyment and fulfillment at any time.

Is Yoga Good for Toddlers?

Power yoga is a style of yoga that grew out of previous yoga traditions all the way back to the beginning of yoga. Power yoga was created to help the western mind understand the ancient practice. The postures are named in English and then the Sanskrit names are given. Power yoga awakens the students to the practice of yoga and some seek to learn more about the traditional teaching and others simply enjoy the challenging and rewarding power yoga classes. Yoga will meet you where every you are. Power Yoga is for anyone and everyone who is willing to give it a try.

What is the Right Age for Yoga?

Power flow in moving the body in rhythm with the breath. The power flow sequences are designed to ignite the energy in the body by moving mindfully with the breath, one breath at a time. the initial sequence of the power flow is explained slowly, holding each posture for three to five breaths, then the postures are done moving with the breath. Each breath in is one movement and each exhale inspires the next movement. It is a dance of the body and the breath which helps to build strength, flexibility and focus for the students practicing the power flow.

How do I Introduce my Child to Yoga?

Power yoga has many benefits that include but are not limited to the following… Power yoga builds integral strength in the body. Power yoga helps improve breathing both on and off the mat. Power Yoga helps students focus the mind and trains the mind to stay in the present moment rather than slipping into memories from the past or into the future, projecting what might or might not happen. Power yoga gives us the gift of living life in the present. Power yoga helps students create better balance in the postures and in life. Power yoga builds a sense of connection to the self, to others, and to the world around us. Yoga means union to yoke together. Power yoga links the body, mind and breath.

Is Hot Yoga Good for Kids?

Power yoga is a dynamic creative style of yoga. The yoga teacher will often create a unique sequence for each class but most will follow a basic format of postures sequenced to bring you into the present moment called the integration sequence, followed by Sun Salutations A and B, core strengthening and then crescent lunge and balance posture. The class often finishes with triangle sequence, back strengthening, hip opening, twists, happy baby and savasana- the resting posture. The logic of the order in the power yoga sequences helps prepare the student for each part of class.

What are the Benefits of Family Yoga?

A power yoga class is a sequence of postures that usually begins in child’s pose, then downward facing dog, forward fold and mountain pose. The power yoga class will almost always move into flowing postures in Sun Salutations A and B followed by core strengthening, twisting posture, balance poses and then deep stretching standing postures like triangle and wide leg forward fold. The class usually includes spine strengthening back bends and finishes with hip openers and twisting postures. You will also enjoy a five to seven minute resting posture, Savasana at the end of class.

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