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Private Yoga at Evolve Yoga Studio

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Private Yoga class Overview

Private yoga sessions can be held in your home, vacation home or in our yoga studio in downtown Leesburg.

Private Yoga Lessons
Practicing yoga with a group gives us a chance to develop healthy habits with friends, family, or co-workers and can be a lot of fun! Group yoga practice also offers a chance to inspire or be inspired by those around you. Private sessions can be held in one of the participants homes, vacation homes or in our yoga studio in downtown Leesburg.

Private Yoga to Improve Your Yoga Practice?
You would like to deepen or strengthen your yoga practice? Perhaps you are interested in understanding more about the ancient and broad teachings of Yoga. You may want to investigate more difficult yoga poses or receive complete and detailed yoga adjustments. Or there may be specific yoga practices such as pranayama (breath work) that you would like to add to your practice. Private yoga lessons in Palm Springs allow us to tailor the teaching to your specific desires and inquiries.

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The value that our clients are getting from our services is our main interest.

I am so grateful for my yoga family.

Evolve Yoga has been my new home over the last year. It is my favorite place to be. I love all of the instructors because they are authentic and incredibly gifted in all aspects of yoga. Evolve offers power, yin, vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, beginner, gentle and restorative yoga. I am so grateful for my yoga family.



“Janet is a wonderful guide that knows her stuff!

The yoga class, I took this morning was S P E C T A C U L A R. Janet is a wonderful guide that knows her stuff! Can’t wait to come back! – Diante

Private Yoga FAQ's

How much does private yoga cost?

A private yoga session costs around $100. I believe in a private session you get what you pay for. Each private yoga session is designed specifically for you. You can use the time to work on a specific area, like healing an injury, or learning to do arm balances. Sometimes a private yoga session is a group class for a special event like a birthday party or bachelorette weekend. Many times new yoga students want a private yoga session to get an understanding of yoga before participating in a group session. When you book your private yoga class be sure to let the teacher know if it is for a special event, or if you would like to pay close attention to an area of the body needing healing. What a special gift to give yourself!

What is private yoga?

Private yoga is a one on one or small group class set at a specific time and date that works best for you. Often the private yoga a session is done in the yoga studio or the yoga teacher can come to your home or work space with all the props and mats needed for the session. Each private session is tailored to the needs of the yoga student.

What to expect from private yoga session?

In your private yoga session you should expect to spend some time before the class starts talking with the yoga teacher to determine what you want from the session. Mats, props and music will be set up before the class starts. The class itself can be as diverse as the people or person receiving the class would like. Be as specific and direct with your yoga teacher to get the most out of your private yoga session. Private yoga is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself and/or your group. Enjoy your private yoga session.

Why take private yoga lessons?

There are many reasons why someone might book a private yoga session. Often times new yoga students want the one on one session to better understanding of the yoga postures, body alignment and the privacy to ask questions. Other people schedule a private yoga session for a special event such as a birthday party, bachelorette weekend or wedding day special event. Many people like a private session if they are working through a bodily injury or healing an emotional one. Yoga can be healing modality for many things, body, mind and spirit. Be sure to tell your private yoga teacher if you have any special needs or requests for your yoga session. Enjoy!

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