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Yoga Teacher Training at Evolve Yoga Studio

Yoga teacher training

Yoga Teacher TrainingOverview

Evolve Yoga offers yoga teacher training once or twice a year. Please check below to see what is coming up next!

Yoga teacher training is a balanced blend of all the skills needed to teach a well rounded Power Yoga class. You will gain the ability to infuse technical knowledge into your teaching in a way that is simple, yet effective in a language and context that will be accessible for your students. This will make your teaching powerful! It is a magical opportunity to empower yourself and others!

The nuts and bolts of the program are:

  • 10-weeks long
  • No experience is necessary
  • Meet on Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00am – 5:00pm
  • Cost only $2500
    (Save $500 if you are if you sign up and pay in full before February 1st!)

Yoga teacher training program includes:

  • Yoga philosophy
  • Study of asana and alignment
  • Effective and intelligent sequencing
  • The art of assisting
  • Practice Teaching
  • Modifications for different bodies and abilities
  • Preparing powerful, focused classes
  • Becoming an inspiring teacher

This yoga teacher training will help you establish a solid foundation for your teaching in the years to come. It is a program that you can continually build on and grow from as a teacher and a person.

This Yoga Teacher Training program meets the Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Certification standards. While there is no state sanctioned certification for yoga teachers in the State of Florida or nationally, Yoga Alliance is recognized as the governing body for yoga in the United States and all of North America.

Are you ready to become a yoga teacher?

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Yoga Teacher Training FAQ's

How long does it take to become a yoga teacher?

It can take a little as 10 weeks to become a yoga teacher at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg. We offer a 10 week intensive program for our 200 hour yoga certification. There are many times when the yoga teacher in training needs more time to finish all of the Yoga Alliance requirements. Yoga Alliance is the governing body for the yoga community in America and abroad. They set the standards for Yoga Teacher Training schools like Evolve Yoga and others. It is up to the individual taking our yoga teacher training program to fulfill all of the necessary requirements to receive the certification. We are happy to help those who need more time. Most students in the yoga teacher training program do finish within the 10 week time period.

How do you become a certified yoga instructor?

To become a yoga teacher for Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, FL or to teach yoga it is important to complete all the requirements of Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance sets the standards that all yoga teacher training schools must submit for approval. Individuals who wish to be certifies attend an accredited Yoga School such as Evolve Yoga and complete all of the requirement of the program to become a certified yoga teacher. There are many categories to the program including, but not limited to, teaching an inspired yoga class, anatomy, history, the yoga sutras, modifications for injury and pregnancy, providing adjustments and theming the class to music. The combination of areas covered meld together to create a wonderful experience for the teachers in training as well as their future yoga students. Yoga teachers who have completed our yoga teacher training program graduate with confidence and are inspired to share their love of yoga.

Can you write off yoga teacher training?

Yes the cost of yoga teacher training can be a tax deduction against earnings made as a yoga teacher. It is advisable that yoga teachers in training save receipts for all yoga teaching related items including the cost of teacher training, additional education, books, yoga clothing needed to practice and so much more. It is always best to check with a certified public accountant to determine if your expenses are tax deductible.

Can anyone become a yoga teacher?

Yes, anyone can become a yoga teacher if they take the time to immerse  themselves in the study of yoga and participate in a yoga teacher training program such as the 200 hour program offered at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida. No experience is necessary. Students with disabilities can participate. We do our best to be inclusive rather than exclusive in our program. People of all backgrounds, belief systems an experience will gain a deep understanding of the practice of yoga.

Do you need a qualification to teach yoga?

Due to the popularity and every growing number of people practicing yoga in the United States and around the world it is important to get the qualifications to teach yoga. This is for the safety of the teacher and their students. Yoga teaching is a complex mix of skills. A yoga teacher training program prepares the Yoga teachers in training for the sometimes challenging role of guiding students of various levels of experience and ability safely through the yoga class.

How much does it cost to become a certified yoga instructor?

The cost of yoga teacher training is a varied as the number of people providing yoga teacher training. We try to keep the cost as affordable as possible at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg Florida. We would like to create as many new yoga teachers as possible to spread the yoga love across America and beyond. We currently set our price for the 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved Teacher Training Program at $2500. We do offer and early pay discount and payment plans for those who need them.

What does RYT 200 mean?

RYT 200 means that the program is 200 hours of training made up of various components including attending classes, practice teaching, methodology, anatomy, adjustments and so much more. Yoga Alliance, the governing board which sets standards for yoga teacher training programs. Evolve Yoga in Leesburg Florida and other yoga teacher training schools must provide a program that meets all of the standards in order to offer the program and the teacher training certificate to the students in the training once all requirements are met by the yoga students in the training program. Receiving the certificate is a milestone accomplishment for the students who complete the program.

Does yoga certification expire?

Yes the certification can expire if the requirements to maintain it are not met. Once completing the program a yoga teacher must complete 30 hours of continuing education on a related subject, 10 of the hours must be contact hours, the remaining 20 can be online courses, or self-study in an area related to yoga. In addition the teacher must teach a minimum of 45 hours in the same three year period. These requirements help to maintain the highest level of standards for yoga teachers across the nation.  

Are yoga instructors certified?

Most yoga teacher today are certified. Some places might still hire yoga teachers who are not yoga teacher training certified but at Evolve Yoga in Leesburg, Florida all of our yoga teachers are Yoga Alliance Certified. We strive to provide the best yoga classes at our studio by providing continuing education for yoga teachers and maintain the standards that Yoga Alliance requires in all areas of our studio.

What is the difference between RYT and E RYT?

The difference between a RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher and aa E-RYT, an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher is the number of classes taught, continuing education completed and continued dedication to the practice of yoga. As soon as you complete your 200 training you register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT. Keep a log of the classes you teach and all continuing education. When you have completed enough additional experience and training you submit the materials to Yoga Alliance and they decide if there is enough to give you the extra qualification of “Experienced”

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