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Can Yoga Teacher Training can transform your life?

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Yoga Teacher Taining, the “10-Week Empowerment Blueprint”

Are you living your dream or just living? Let’s be honest for a second, life happens fast. And it is so easy to let everything we do rob us of our real joy!

The responsibilities. The chores. The job. With so many things demanding time and energy from us…. what are you doing to fill yourself back up? How do you close the gap between who are you right now…and who you want to be?

My name is Janet Parks. I am a certified Yoga Teacher Trainer with the Yoga Alliance, (the governing body of yoga in North America). And I am on a mission to help you breakthrough the day-to-day monotony and become the architect of your life!

Today, I am thrilled to extend an invitation to claim your passion for life, eliminate self-doubt, and finally create the job you deserve by joining me for yoga teacher training program I call the . . .

“10-Week Empowerment Blueprint”

But first, let me back up and tell you a little story . . .

In my past life, I was an insecure, divorced woman just trying to get through the days, without my kids and without a clear direction.

As time went on my soul felt like it was slowly going sour. You know the feeling? I had a good job, but it involved driving every day in LA traffic, selling products I really wasn’t passionate about. What I was doing didn’t matter. My purpose for was gone, I was adrift.

Well that all changed when someone finally helped me by asking “Why don’t you enroll in a yoga teacher training?

So I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program in San Diego and I was transformed.

Everything quickly fit together.

I graduated from teacher training.

I even fell in love.

Within a year I opened my own yoga studio, quit my “real job” and never looked back.

Today I possess a sense of accomplishment I never dreamed of.

I could never have rediscovered my passion for life, reclaimed my joy, or found my purpose…without my friends suggestion to enroll in Yoga Teacher Training.

And I would be honored to help you do the same.

Here’s what others have said about the “10-Week Empowerment Blueprint”

Here’s what you’ll feel like after you go through the “10-Week Empowerment Blueprint”…

You will receive certification so will feel the freedom of an indorsed license.

You will take your practice to new heights so your postures will be the envy of all your friends.

You will become a part of a community knowing you will never feel alone, but part of a team, being fully supported and nourished.

You will work with one of the most experienced yoga teacher trainers.

You’ll get to do what you love so that your mood will be transformed every time you even think about yoga!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with 10-Week Empowerment Blueprint:

10-Week Yoga Training Course (Value $2,500.00)

The History of Yoga Intensive (Value $47)

Eight Limbed Path of Yoga Intensive (Value $47)

Pranayama Intensive (Value $47)

Anatomy and Physiology Intensive (Value $127)

Sanskrit Intensive (Value $47)

Chanting Intensive (Value $47)

Meditation Intensive (Value $47)

Chakras Intensive (Value $47)

Ayurveda Intensive (Value $47)

Vinyasa Sequencing Intensive (Value $97)

Theming the Class through Music Intensive (Value $47)

Injury Modification Intensive (Value $97)

The Business of Yoga Intensive (Value $197)

Prenatal Modifications Intensive (Value $47)

Books and supplies (Value $127)

50-class package (Value $500)

One YEAR Money back guarantee e (Value $2,500)

Total Value $6,515

What Would Living Your Dream Life Be Worth To You?

  • Knowing exactly how to teach an inspired yoga class, the freedom of living out your true purpose.
  • Having the Confidence to not only to guide students of all levels in a yoga practice, but do anything you set your mind to.
  • Have an authentic connection to life, fellow students and all people.
  • Have a genuine sense of belonging to the yoga community worldwide.
  • Have a sense of pride in yourself and the skills you gained that will help you in teaching .
  • Feel balanced, grounded and grateful in all aspects of your life.
  • Have the clarity to understand what has been keeping you from growing, the freedom of living out your true purpose.

These are not “pie in the sky” ideas, these are absolutely within your reach.

All you need to do is take the first step. Let me show you how “The 10-Week Empowerment Blueprint” can literally change your life. Just like it did for me years ago.

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